Bloomfield, NJ

12 October 2015

I just returned from several days up in the area of Hunter Mountain in New York’s Catskills. A much needed sojourn to the woods with family. It was a time to slow the pace down and stop to enjoy the benefits of nature over the hallmarks of modern life – iPhones, Apps, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest…

As we were packing the car, I checked and rechecked and maybe then checked again to make sure my trusty camera was on-board. I’ve learned my lesson – forgot my camera at home on my very first trip to London. One word – devastated. Then two more words – never again. I’m sure other photographers can relate – the torture of not having your camera and seeing a billion interesting things to shoot.

We caught Hunter Mountain just as the trees were beginning their autumnal transformation. I nice mix of reds, oranges and yellow with remnants of green.

A couple hikes in the area and a ride on Hunter’s ski lift provided plenty of opportunities to satiate the photography bug.

Just what I needed.

Below are two of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

IMG_9876 IMG_9991_alt