Bloomfield, NJ

9 August 2013

I am very lucky to have the Oakes Mansion be the home of my first photography show – Never Alone: Black & White Images of Stone Angels.

If you are wondering about the Oakeside Mansion, the house was constructed in 1895 by architect, Charles Granville Jones – a well known local architect who resided in Belleville, NJ. He also was known for designing Bloomfield High School and many other schools, banks, etc. in the Essex County area.

The house was built by the Oakes family – a prominent Bloomfield dynasty. The Oakes family settled in Bloomfield in the early 1800s and were the founders of the Oakes Woolen Mill which operated for 117 years before its final closing in 1943.

Upon the death of Jean Doswell Oakes, the house was donated to the township of Bloomfield and shortly afterwards the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center was formed to provide: “community-based programs in the areas of historical interpretation, arts programs and education, horticulture and gardening, and recreation and cultural events.” For more info on Oakeside visit:

The below photos showcase the beauty of the Oakes Mansion and grounds. You have to admit it is a grand place to visit.
Oakeside_Show_Setup_11 Oakeside_Show_Setup_13Oakeside_Show_Setup_15