Bloomfield, NJ

12 October 2015

I just returned from several days up in the area of Hunter Mountain in New York’s Catskills. A much needed sojourn to the woods with family. It was a time to slow the pace down and stop to enjoy the benefits of nature over the hallmarks of modern life – iPhones, Apps, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest…

As we were packing the car, I checked and rechecked and maybe then checked again to make sure my trusty camera was on-board. I’ve learned my lesson – forgot my camera at home on my very first trip to London. One word – devastated. Then two more words – never again. I’m sure other photographers can relate – the torture of not having your camera and seeing a billion interesting things to shoot.

We caught Hunter Mountain just as the trees were beginning their autumnal transformation. I nice mix of reds, oranges and yellow with remnants of green.

A couple hikes in the area and a ride on Hunter’s ski lift provided plenty of opportunities to satiate the photography bug.

Just what I needed.

Below are two of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

IMG_9876 IMG_9991_alt

14 August 2015

Yesterday was the opening reception for my Spark of Creation Art Show at the beautiful Oakeside Mansion. The show runs from now till the end of August, so you have plenty of time to catch it before its gone.

The exhibit can be viewed Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Evening viewings by appointment only at the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center, 240 Belleville Ave. in Bloomfield NJ.

I was so honored to have friends, family and members of the public stop by to see the show. I am grateful for all the support.

Below are some shots from the opening reception.

028024 025


27 July 2015

I am thrilled to announce a new art exhibit – Spark of Creation – to be held in August at the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center in Bloomfield NJ. This will be my second exhibit at Oakeside, but my first show of original paintings.

Spark of Creation is a series of black and white abstract paintings that speak to that single moment of creation when one drop of paint reaches the canvas and spreads outwards in undulations of expression and creativity – explosive, sometimes directionless, but always intense.

I finished the entire series – 18 paintings of varying sizes –  in a a few short months. For me the collection serves as a metaphor for both the inner and outward universe that exists for each of us – expanding, contracting and ever changing.

The exhibit will run from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31 and can be viewed Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Evening viewings by appointment only.

An opening reception will be held Thursday, August 13th from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Oakeside where I get to meet and greet with the public. Stop by and enjoy the art along with some light refreshments.

In August of 2013 at Oakeside,  I presented a series of black & white photographs of stone angels called “Never Alone.”

Click here for a copy of the Press Release.

25 November 2014

Just finished up another theater project for Gas Lamp Academy of Performing Arts (GLAPA). The Teen Musical Theater Project’s new show is ‘You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown: On Tour.’ The set pieces I painted will get a lot of exposure as they are brought to several different stages in Northern New Jersey.


Wednesday, December 10, 7 pm, and Saturday, December 13, 3 pm, at The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge;
Thursday, December 11, 7 p.m.,  at the Wayne YMCA; and
Sunday, December 14, 4 p.m., at Fletcher Hall in Montclair.

Here are some set pieces:

CB Set Pieces

8 September 2014

One of the benefits of late summer is the emergence of the incredible sunflower.

I recently visited a sunflower farm up in Sparta NJ with camera in tow. I could have spent hours trying to capture all of the many interesting facets of these magical plantings. The warm temperature and bright sun provided optimal conditions, though the day’s sky provided little visual interest.

The real excitement, of course, wasn’t up in the clouds but firmly planted (literally) in the ground.

Out of all the pictures I took that day, I think my favorites are the portraits of the sunflower. The one pictured below is my best shot. It has a nice composition with just the right amount of contrast.


9 March 2014

The Casino at Asbury Park is one of those places that easily transports me back to summer day trips as a kid. Walking the boardwalk, the whirling of the carousel, the taste of orange sherbert at Howard Johnson’s… those memories still remain and draw me back again and again.

With camera in hand, I love to explore the memory of what once existed in contrast to the reality of what I now see before me. Peering around the Casino, long gone is the carousel, the slot machines and the haunted house ride. All that now remains are memories now transformed into treasures of childhood. The excitement of tokens, tickets and the allure of shiny new prizes of every ilk that always seemed  too far out of reach.

And yet not all is lost. As long as that Casino still stands, hope remains that it may one day reclaim some of its former glory. Ski ball and pin ball machines may not return, but to see something fill that lovely space again would be a win for preservation.

As with time itself Asbury Park’s transformation isn’t static… it continually evolves. Worn concert posters are replaced by stark black walls, weathered memory-laden boards usurped by the latest pressure treated fabrications, and quaint beach shops give way to expensive gastric fares.

As a witness to these changes, I am confronted with that quintessential battle between progress and what I could so boldly term – nostalgic patina. While the foodie and shopper in me can appreciate restaurants and boutiques, the photographer and child within yearn for the visual interest of a retro half woman half octopus mural or the solitude of an abandoned building humbled by the elements.

Asbury_Ocean Grove_81712_024BW
Concert Poster on Casino Wall, August 2012

For other shots I’ve taken of Asbury Park check out the Gallery.


4 February 2014

I have finally finished all the set pieces for Gas Lamp’s production of Godspell. Each piece of the set is covered in painted symbols designed and painted by me. It has been such a creative joy creating these symbols and the message each one represents. There are grapes, candles, a sun, fish, goblet, and so many more… with messages of love, hope, and light. The show will also feature a banner I created with the dove symbol proudly on display.

The show runs Feb 7, 8 and 9th in Glen Ridge at the Ridgewood Avenue School. Your going to love this production directed by my fried Corinna Sowers-Adler.

This is a small sample of what will greet you if you come out to the show.

066 082

17 January 2014

I am really excited to be working on the set pieces for Gas Lamp Academy of Performing Arts (GLAPA) teen musical theater project: GODSPELL.

This extremely professional and well directed production of Godspell will run Feb 7, 8 and 9th in Glen Ridge at the Ridgewood Avenue School. All the set pieces will feature original art work by yours truly.

The highlight of the show will be this dove design I created. I just love how it turned out.


12 December 2013

Winter is upon us. A cold blanket of white covers the once bountiful lawns of green. The cold prevents me from venturing outside to shoot, so I had to find something in the warmth of the indoors.

After roaming around the house, I eventually chose a red rose. The chance for a study in beauty, color and simplicity. It turned out  to be the perfect subject.

For more shots check out the Rose Gallery.

4 October 2013

I entered one of my iris photographs in the Art Association of Rutherford’s 66th Annual Open Juried Exhibition hosted by the NJ Meadowlands Commission located in Richard W. DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst NJ. The exhibition runs now through Friday, Nov. 29, 2013.

Most people in New Jersey have heard of the Meadowlands, but few know about Richard W. DeKorte Park – a wonderful nature preserve. The park is run by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission which also has its offices there. The park features nature trails and provides a wonderful opportunity to see egrets and other water fowl in their natural wetland habitat.

For more irises check out the gallery.