Bloomfield, NJ

Mark AJ Szep is an emerging painter and photographer from Bloomfield, New Jersey.

A self-taught artist and photographer, Mr. Szep’s abstract oil paintings are representative of his thoughts, emotions and spiritual explorations. His photographic work focuses on black & white images of landscapes, nature, architecture and street scenes.

In August of 2013, he completed his first solo-photography show – “Never Alone: Black & White Images of Stone Angels” – at the historic Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center in Bloomfield, NJ.

Mark returned to the beautiful Oakeside Mansion in August 2015 for his first solo painting show called “Spark of Creation.” The show consisted of a series of black and white abstract paintings that speak to that single moment of creation when one drop of paint reaches the canvas and spreads outwards in undulations of expression and creativity. These paintings – finished in only a matter of months – serve as a metaphor for both the inner and outward universe that exists for each of us – expanding, contracting and ever changing.

His paintings and photographs hang in private collections and have been entered in local art shows throughout Northern New Jersey.

In addition to being an artist, Mark is also a professional genealogist. He is one of the lead researchers with DiscoverURhistory – a genealogy and family history firm providing research services, interviews, ancestor tours, events/reunions, house history and photography. Check out the website for more on DiscoverURhistory: